Writing: James/Kayuno

"Caffeine Man"

    “Caffeine MAN!!!!” James shouted happily running through Konohage’s house, wearing nothing but a pair of light blue boxers with coffee mug designs sewn in them. His eyes were wide with awakefullness and he seemed to be moving so quick only a trained eye was able to see his amazing speed.
    Kayuno hunched over, hands on her knees. “Who gave James black tea!?” She huffed angrily, so out of breath from chasing the caffeinated half of Chaos it came out in more of a whisper then a shout.
    “Not me!” Yojiro’s voice was the first to respond from his room down the hall. The metal lab door was securely bolted shut with any and all forms of locks running from the top to the base of the door.
    Kayuno’s eyes narrowed in annoyance as her fierce gaze landed on the dark grey door that led to Eclipses room. “Eclipse!?” She demanded angrily knowing that Konohage was currently out of the vicinity on a short mission. Herself, James, Yojiro and Eclipse were the only beings on the premises presently.
    “How would I make tea!?” Eclipse asked, a tinge of fear evident in his voice. He too was locked in his room out of fear of ‘Caffeine Man.’
    Suddenly a blur of tanned skin and light blue whizzed past Kayuno nearly blowing her off her feet. “CAFFEINE MAN!!!” The object shouted again, disappearing before anyone could even guess his location.
    Stomping her foot in frustration Kayuno pouted, arms crossing over her chest. She paused contemplating her next move, obviously chasing him wasn’t going to do it, but there must be another way…
    An evil grin appeared…

    “Hope this works.” Kayuno muttered, holding tightly onto a thick rope that she had tied up like a pulley, its other end connected to a laundry basket. Beneath the basket was sitting a cup of coffee, steaming happily, sitting in it’s saucer.
    A shadow of something began moving closer, and Kayuno could hear a sniffing noise like some wild dog hunting. The hunched form of James aka. Caffeine Man.approached the cup of coffee slowly on all four like a beast. His attention was solely focused on the beverage before him not noticing the very obvious trap above him.
“Caffeeeeeine Man…” He exclaimed softly a smile forming on his face. Taking the cup he examined it as if he was examining a precious stone. James gave it a small sniff before his face broke out into an expression of pure glee as he went to sip the hot beverage.
    Kayuno released the rope, and heard a squeal of pain.
    “It BURNS!!” James screamed as the cup was knocked out of his hand on onto his chest and lap. Said burning quickly brought him out of his caffeine buzz and flung him into the real world.
    Wincing Kayuno rushed up to the dark haired man assessing the damage. It wasn’t anything that wouldn’t heal in a few moments, just a few minor burns and ruined pair of boxers.
    “Lemme see.” Kayuno ordered leaning next to James and taking the hand he had clutched to his chest as if it was what hurt him the most. The fingertips were an angry red color, but it was quickly fading into pink healthily flesh.
    Guilt burned her worst then any coffee could when she saw his eyes. Even though he was technically half of a demon, he still acted very much like a human, none of Chaos’ memory effecting how his mind was set.
Blue eyes were wide and filled to the brim with tears getting ready to spill over onto his tanned cheeks.
    “Oh…” Kayuno pat his head gently and gave him a soft smile. “It’s alright.” She gave his fingertips a small kiss. “See? All better.”
    James observed his pink fingertips with wide eyes as if the kiss made it actually feel better. A small blush formed on his cheeks as he pointed to his collar bone. “It hurts here too…”
    Letting out a silent sigh Kayuno leaned in and gave him a kiss on the spot where his finger had pointed.
    “Here too.” He pointed to his neck, then cheek and continued to work his way up.
    With each finger point Kayuno gave a silent sigh and kissed each ‘hurt’ away.
    “This too…” James said with the darkest blush so far. He was pointing to his lower lip.
    Sly devil… Kayuno thought, maybe he wasn’t as childish as she had taken him for. Placing a hand on either side of his face she leaned in and whispered. “You have to close your eyes for the magic to work on this one.”
    Blue disappeared as both eyes slid shut, and Kayuno was thankful for that as a blush of her own appeared on her pale complexion. She leaned in and gave James his first kiss, It’s my first kiss too. She thought and her blush deepened.
    It was strange Kayuno had to admit, to touch our mouth to someone else’s, though not unpleasant. And James mouth was warm, soft and maybe a little wet.
“KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” A shout ripped through the moment and Kayuno pulled herself away faster then any human could.
    She could see James face burning red and could feel her own matching his. Looking up she could see a smug looking Leila and an uninterested looking No Name.
    “Leila?” Kayuno stood up and James did the same, moving to her side but with a bit more distance between them then usual.
    “Hiya!” Leila said with a wide smile and hint of mischief in her green eyes. She held out something for Kayuno to take. “No Name said James told him he wanted more tea so we brought him some!”
    Eyebrow twitching in annoyance Kayuno took the bag and tried to glare a hole through the bag of black tea in her hands.
    “I told you not to use my name!” No Name scowled at the blond next to him who merely gave him a catty grin.
Kayuno could feel a vein pop out on her forehead as her fist clenched, crushing the packet to dust. “So it was you then No Name?” She asked, eyes flashing dangerously.
    No Name looked to The Fiend in fear and muttered and, “Oh shit….” Before running for his life.

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