Writing: No Name/Leila


    “No Name! I made some Sheppard’s Pie, you want to come down and have some?” Leila spoke from the base of the very large tree in her back yard. Head tilted up she scanned through the many thick and dark branches for the trees occupant.
    “No.” Came the bored sounding voice from somewhere in the shadows of the canopy. “Just leave the usual, and get away from my tree human.”
    Pursing her lips and planting a fist on either hip, Leila sent her best death glare up at the branches knowing he could see it. “First of all, eating just bread is NOT good for you and second this tree is in my yard therefore it’s my tree not yours!”
    With a soft ‘thud’ a shadow landed directly in front of the blond, and stood only to tower her by a few inches. He looked down on her, blank eyes seemed filled with mild fury. “I am staying in this tree, therefore it is MY tree for as long as I see fit. And you human are the unfortunate soul that happened to stumble upon me so you will be the one to serve me what I desire, and I desire bread without you bickering about how ‘unhealthy’ it is for me, understand?”
    Scared witless but unwilling to show it Leila crossed her arms tightly across her chest and turned from him.             “Whatever, die from malnourishment then!” Throwing her arms up in the air in exasperation she stomped toward the house to retrieve his majesty’s dinner.


    “I’m going to be gone for a few hours, so I left a loaf of bread and some butter here at the base if you want it for later.” Leila told the shadow of the branches, she turned to leave only to hear that familiar ‘thud.’
    “And pray tell where do you think you’re going?” The shadow asked dangerously eyeing the outfit she had on.
It was an orange, white and pink strapless dress that clung tightly to her breasts and stomach then flowed around her hips and waist to just above her knees. Her hair was twisted and bobby pinned to her head and she was wearing more makeup then normal.
    “I can have life away from you and this tree.” She said pursing pink painted lips. “For your information I have a date with the boy from the bakery!”
    Reason unknown to him, No Name could feel himself burn with some foreign and unpleasant emotion. And he didn’t like it one bit.
    Said emotion made him blurt out something that he’s normally never say. “Have fun whoring yourself out.” A smirk appeared on his face, adding fuel to the fire. “Do try to make it home before dawn though, this loft won’t last me that long.”
    Leila turned red in anger and embarrassment, fist clenched at her sides. But she seemed to cool her emotions and looked at him, her voice as cold as ice. “Careful, you might start to sound like you care.”
With that she turned and left.


    Leila laughed as the bakery boy ‘Mike’ told her another funny joke. They were walking through the city park, arm in arm. The moon shown brightly helping light the way along with dim lanterns placed on the trail.
She had truly been enjoying herself for once in a long time, since a certain someone had moved into her back yard.
    True, No Name was indeed a jerk to her, but in a way she could understand why. As far as she could gather from what Konohage had explained to her, he was the memory portion of Chaos, one of the worst demons of all time. He must of inherited Chaos’ anger and his hatred for humans. Her friend Kayuno had gotten lucky by getting the innocent, memory less body of Chaos.
    Funny how things work out like that. Maybe fate was laughing at her.
    Outwardly she gave a small sigh and her date must of taken this the wrong way because he stopped joking and looked down at her. “Something the matter doll?” He asked using the new nickname he had decided for her.
    “Nah, just having some trouble at home and it caught up with me.”
    “Would it have something to do with coming the bakery almost two times a day?” The baker boy asked, giving her a soft smile.
    “Hai…” Leila answered as Mike guided them to a bench to take a seat. Leila folded her hands in her lap, as Mike gave her his full attention. “I have this new neighbor living in my backyard, in my tree more specifically.” Mike’s eyebrow raised at this but he made no comment. “The only thing he’ll eat is bread, and he’s terribly rude to me, but at the same time…” Leila paused, looking at her hands. “I feel so sorry for him, maybe that’s why I let him stay.”
    “Why don’t you come and stay with me?” Mike asked suddenly, and Leila felt her eyes bug out of her head.
    “I couldn’t!” She replied instantly, “I’ve only known you for such a short time, besides my parents need someone to watch the house, and what about No Name? Someone’s gotta watch over him.”
    “I really like you Leila.” Mike persisted, seeming to not hear a word she said. He began to lean in closer to her face, and Leila could feel herself automatically move away. Mike grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close, forcing her into an unwanted kiss.
    Leila squirmed and attempted to pull herself away when she realized Mike was being ripped away from her. Mike was flung to the other side of the trail and Leila could see a furious looking No Name glaring at the offending bakery boy, while holding her tightly to his side.
    “How dare you touch what is MINE!” No Name growled, the fury in his voice matching his expression perfectly. Clutching the stunned girl to his side, he bounded away from the park and back to his tree.


    “What were you thinking!?!” Leila screeched at the shadow before her once she had come to her senses. “You could of really hurt him! Yea, he’s a jerk but you want the police to come here and take you to prison!?”
    “Hn.” Was the only response she got. No Name was pointedly looking in another direction his arms crossed across his chest.
    “GAH!” Leila threw her arms up and huffed. “You’re hopeless!!”
    “Mine.” Was the softly reply she received.
    Stopping her rampage, she eyed the shadow with an expression of confusion. “What?” She demanded.
No Names’ fingertips brushed her cheek with surprised gentleness. “Mine. My slave, my human, my Leila.”
    With a loud sigh, Leila shook her head a small smile forming on her lips. “Yours.” She replied wondering how in the world she was going to get bread for the crazed memory of Chaos now.

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